What to do with my life?

I am so depressed. It is my first univeristy year. I am at uni in another city living with a friend. I hate living with her. We only have a room so i get no privacy. I hate living with her because she doesn't let me study (doesn't want to turn off the music, tries to talk to me all the time even if i try to study), she makes me feel insecure about my body (sometimes) and about myself in general. She is that kind of person that yells at you everytime you do something wrong so I am stressed all the time when I am with her because I might do something wrong. I go at home everyweekend but it doesn't help because I don't get to study much because there are only two days and I need to enjoy my privacy and the things I like to do too. My exams will be soon and I still have too much to study I can't cope with it. I hate uni and I hate what I have to study and I hate studying in general. My boyfriend is studying in another country at the moment and I am missing him so badly also. I will only be able to see him at the end of this month before my exams and I don't know how I am going to study lots and enjoy my time with him too.

I am also feeling super ugly and worthless and shit and I have no idea what I should do with my life. I can't cope with all of these at all. I want my high school easy peasy life back :( Now it is all gone. I don't know how to cope with all of these. I just don't wanna disappoint my parents but I think I will fail all of my exams :( What would you guys do? I just wanna run somewhere where nobody knows me. Or die.. I don't know... everything seems so bad :( shitty life..

*sorry if my English was bad i am not a native*


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  • Can you change rooms or spend time somewhere

  • You arnt the only one i want my high school life back it was easy, The only difference between my life and youres
    is i dont have a girlfriend haven't had one in like a year or so
    Im not yet in unversity first need money and hold down a part time job 2 pay for it as i go 2 school
    It really sucks , seems like everything i do i a mistakes but you don't see me complaining its my life and its not over till the fat lady sings. no one said this life is easy and thats why people kill them self's. Right know you got three opinions
    Give up and get a min job
    Give up and kill your self
    Or suck it up a get off from the floor and fight , even if you fail at least you tried

    • Im not a person that likes 2 give up

    • 2 haven't ever truly gave up there's always part of me that say its possible and thats all i need and tell you room mate 2 fuck off

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