Have you ever felt like you were just drifting from thing to thing? Looking for the thing that will make you happy?

like at first I was really into drawing. then I got all into video games and collecting them. then I turned to anime as my passion. after that I started to get into guns and bought a few. then after that I really got into writing and was doing pretty good for my first time writing stories. people liked them. but after maybe about a month or two of that, I got into buying and collecting trading cards. I was really into it at first but then I got back into writing stories here and there with watching and reading manga and anime. But now, I just don't know what to do with myself. Its like I keep looking for my passion and something that will make me happy and motivated. I'm a high school drop out and was thinking about getting my g. e. d., then going to collage to learn how to become a better writer and see if I can make something of myself. I'm even thinking about going to writing and drawing classes so I can make my own manga/comics. But I don't know if I'll stick with it or will I just get bored and move onto something else to keep my mind busy. So have you ever felt like you were just drifting from thing to thing? Trying and failing at finding something your passionate about?

  • Yes. And I'm still drifting/looking.
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  • Yes. And I've found what makes me happy in life.
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  • Never felt like that.
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  • I drift back and forth from being a writer to a musician.