What is the craziest thing you've ever done for love... or a person you're highly infatuated with?

I used to purposely break the law in public places just to chat with my ex on fb or on the social game we met on. I would lie and cheat to any and everyone... my mom and friends included. Come to find out he never even appreciated me nor my efforts. Never again..


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  • Went to a prison pen pal site to find a girlfriend which I did

    • Oh wow.. are u two still together? If udm me asking? :3

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    • That's the same time I graduate out of college. Guess it'll be a day to celebrate for both of us.

      I hope things work out for u both.

    • Thanks we've so far managed to make it work

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  • It may not sound crazy enough but for me, it's calling in sick (cos I didn't have off days but I had sick days) to fly to visit and spend the day with my guy because we were missing each other too much! We're in a long distance relationship.


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  • Girl I was crazy in love with iPhone was stolen in a crowd at a rave. I grabbed her hand to go back into the crowd where it was lost, and I was literally shoving and pushing people out of my way through the crowd retracing our steps hoping it fell. Long story short, I helped by her another iPhone because it was her birthday and I hated seeing her in distress.

    • That's not crazy, that's very sweet of u. Hopefully that girl greatly appreciated your efforts.

  • Break the law? Was it a dare or something?

    Silly beavior doesn't endear you to someone, you know, so it's good you've sworn off that!

    • No it wasn't a dare. I did all that on my own. Plus, he was such a distraction, I would purposely stay home from college many days just to stay talking to him. Eventually I had quit altogether and became a drop out because I figured "bump school. I'm getting married anyway." Smh. That was two going on three years ago

    • Once I swam a river on a dare, I was a little woozy from drinking and nearly didn't makeit across..

    • You have some stories on u Lol

  • I do not know if facing up to many demons is deemed crazy?

    you decide?

    • Nah, sounds about right.

    • When I was with my ex, I did the same thing. In fact, I actually let demons use me time to time. Smh. I regret it all and ended up paying for it. Everything much, much better for me now. Thank God.

  • Illegal-banged her when i was 16 and she was 14. drove 120mph on back roads to say hi.
    scary-banged in the back of her dads truck, drove 100 miles in a hurricane on a creepy road
    lying-to friends and family to hang out
    and like you my actions were not appreciated, it doesn't help when someone is in 70% and the other is only 30%.

  • Rode in a tee shirt and shorts 55 min while it was snowing at night on my bike cause she wanted me to show up, I used to be so sappy >_>


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