What are the stereotypes you've been regularly exposed to about black men?

This is not the time to be PC. Tell the truth, without the whole "depends on the person / stereotyping is wrong" bit. Also you may think some of those stereotypes are true depending on how often they play out around you. State them.

The poll is equally important. Please vote.

  • I live in an area with where black males are majority amongst males.
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  • I live in an area where black males are of equally represented in the population.
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  • I live in an area where black males are the minority among males
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  • There are no black males I see regularly in my area
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm black by the way and live in the suburbs with mainly minorities. What I notice about the majority of black guys I encounter is that they are so masculine with deep voices, they stand tall, they have muscles of course. Other things I notice, they're either athletic or fanatics of sports, funny as hell, eat a lot of food during family gatherings, it's usually home cooked, but on a regular day, junk food almost always junk food. If they have daughters, they are extra protective and intimidating, loud when they laugh, they aren't loners, usually they have more than one person with them having fun. And when they are alone, they are less outgoing and more to themselves, but with friends way more outgoing and loud. That's how I am too lol

    Not ghetto though because I live in the suburbs, but they're not proper either, so I say urban. Ghetto to me is full on Ebonics with no ability to code switch. Just imagine Timbaland for adults, and Yazz for teenagers I think that's accurate enough. Very prideful in black heritage, religious devout Christians ya know going to church every Sunday reading the bible, hip hop and/or R&B music mostly. The teenagers sag, not extreme to where their underwear is showing, but you can tell they're back pockets are not where they're supposed to be. Teenagers also love watching fights, and are more likely to fight over small things. The adults are way more mature, don't participate in fights or watch unless absolutely necessary, they don't sag at all unless they're some sort of manchild.

    I think I got it all from my perspective.


Most Helpful Guy

  • With the addition that these are stereotypes and not necessarily all-encompassing and entirely truthful, just as I *definitely* did not grow up rich just because I'm white, and my mom grew up in abject poverty, digging through trash to find something to eat and begging restaurants to give her food and such while being white:

    They're stupid and uneducated. Like watermelon and grape soda and fried chicken. They're athletic. They're lazy and live on welfare. They can all dance. Or are all cool. Black women are bitchy, which is why black men don't like to date black women. The typical "Oh no you did-n't." More successful black women talk shit about their black boyfriends for not achieving the same amount as them. All black people can sing. Black women ride dick really well. All crack smokers are black, as well as crack dealers. They're either gangbangers or gangbanging wannabes. They're all ghetto or thugs. All criminals. They're morally inferior or just evil or baser. Lack self control. Are violent. < these three are very widely believed. They make everything about race "playing the black card". Black fathers leave their kids, so black families grow up without a father figure. They're loud, obnoxious and rude. Disrespectful. Smoke weed. Can't speak proper English. They've all been to jail. They all carry guns. They're dangerous. And such and such.

    A lot of these are the result of movies and t. v., in my opinion. Though, a lot of these do have foundations in the truth, much of it a result of poverty (the slaves weren't exactly set up with trust funds after they were freed) and ongoing racism and a result of generations and generations of oppression and slavery. Civil rights was a mere generation ago. It will take time for them to heal. That kind of thing doesn't just go away, unlike how we're taught in public school. "Lincoln freed the slaves then everything was good." No. Black people went through a lot. That kind of pain and feelings of inequality gets passed down generation to generation. This newest generation is a lot more healthy, but will still retain some of that. I'd say in another two to three generations, we should all grow to understand one another, relatively. Of course. Human history makes it difficult to back that up. But that's what I believe. MLKJ's dream came true. I grew up playing with a bunch of black kids. There was no racism to us. We were just friends. Until we grew older of course. And it came true pretty fast, considering.


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What Girls Said 5

  • They have big penisses, they steal things regularly, they eat a lot of chicken (which is true :P)
    They apparently cross the street like they have 9 lives right @mr90skid?
    They're good at sports...

    • Yes ma'am lmao walking across the street slow? I plead the fifth yo xD

  • They have big dicks, are thug-like and/or ghetto and their pants sag... but I know that's not true at all! People are just so judgmental sometimes tbh 😊

    • It is kind of true. Stereotypes have their basis in truth, it's just that they are used generally and to encompass everyone of a particular type. Besides. A LOT of black people love fried chicken. They make it no secret. Doesn't mean all black people love fried chicken. But it does mean a lot do. And a lot of black people are ghetto. Same thing with dick size. They're not all big. But, there does lie some truth there, because they have a greater capacity to be large. One of my black friends I... walked in on while he was being... intimate with a dvd, and he was less than average.

  • That their teeth always look so white and thus they are the best candidates for toothpaste advertisments :- D

    I rarely see black people in Singapore. If there are, they are probably tourists.

  • they have a big junnnnnnnnnk inside their pants

  • Their penis size is one I hear of the most.
    I rarely see black people around where I live (it's mostly Caucasians and natives) but when I do see one, they are usually really nicely dressed.


What Guys Said 3

  • they are dark in colour

  • I live in a urban city with LOTS of black people. Based on my personal observations about black men, NOT stereotypes I have heard but only ones I've seen in person, this is what I noticed:

    Black guys wear clothes that look like they put a lot of effort into the outfit.
    Black guys wear vibrantly colored clothes.
    Black guys often walk with their pants sagging.
    Black guys like to blast their music on the bus/train without headphones.
    Young black guys are usually in very good shape, either very skinny or very muscular. But almost never fat.
    Black guys like to wear gold accessories. Gold shades, gold rings, gold chains, or gold iPhones. I don't think I've ever seen a black guy wearing silver.
    Black people openly express their love for fried chicken.

    That's about all I can think of.

  • The drink 40's, eat fried chicken, like rap music and have huge penises. And they hate white people.

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