How much should I charge to babysit an adult?

My cousin and I are both 16, and our land lords are elderly. The man is going to be in the hospital and his wife wants to be there, but she has to watch her mentally challenged sister that day. She is hiring us to keep an eye on her sister so she can go in to see her husband's surgery. Her sister is in her 60's and we were told that she's fairly easy to deal with. We were told that her main issue is throwing herself backwards for no reason, and that we should ignore it unless she's actually hurt. I've never had to babysit an adult before, and I was wondering what is a reasonable price to charge?


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  • Charge a flat daily rate. $100/day.

    • It's only supposed to be that day, but that's a good idea! Thanks

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  • Depends on what you're minimum wage is, but I'd go a couple dollars above.

    • So I'm supposed to ask for like 10 bucks to watch this person? She could injure herself (or us if she gets angry and inconsolable) I just don't know what a reasonable price is

    • Well you should charge hourly it's only fair! perhaps 10-12 an hour? Like I said depending on your minimum wage in your country.

    • That makes much more sense, I was still a little tired when I read that and I totally thought you meant just for the entire day 10 bucks. My bad xD

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  • Jesus Christ. Are you saying that you have to babysit someone with mental health issues? I'd look up the hourly rate for caretakers in a mental hospital and add a few dollars.

    That's like 25 bucks an hour. Maybe you could be nice and ask for 20 since he's having a surgery, and that pay is like babysitting-for-rich-people price.

    • Thanks for the advice, I'll look that up :)

  • Just take whatever she gives.

    • Well she asked us to charge and refused to make the first offer, so I think she wants us to low ball. If she offers like 20 bucks to watch her for an entire day then hell no. The low balling is why I asked this question

  • $1,000,000,000

    • I wouldn't know what to do with that holy shit

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