What should I do?

well i made another facebook a few months ago but my parents dont know, well now i have a long distance boyfriend that i met on there we have been dating for 2 months now but i wanna tell them but i know they will be mad and make me delete the account and i can't lose my boyfriend because he means the world to me, but i posted something 2 weeks ago "b*tch you won't touch me''(i know it was wrong to post it) bc this girl said she wanted to beat me up, well the problem got worse and my friend made me report her and i think she showed the guidence cousler (person i reported to) the screenshot of that status and i dont want my parents finding out that i posted that bc they dont know about my facebook, i dont know what to do, im having really bad anxiety over it...

I know my boyfriend isn't fake, we've snapchated and we've talked for months and he looks the same on both facebook and snapchat and instagram and he has like over 100 pictures on his facebook, im sure he isn't fake.


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  • You need to delete the FB acct. and BE VERY CAREFUL OF GUYS YOU "meet" ON THE INTERNET!!! They are usually NOT who they claim to be. VERY RISKY!!!

  • You shouldn't have to hide things from your parents. Meeting random people online and getting into a relationship, especially with you being young, isn't the best idea. And your parents are probably going to find out sooner or later. It's best to just come clean.