Girls! When you shave your legs does it hurt when your hair grows back out? It does for me and I wonder if I'm not the only one like this?

I shave my legs and then the next day, the hair is like it's trying to set my legs on fire!


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  • Unfortunately for me shaving and waxing both are a big issue. Either way i chose to clean up hair on my legs, once they grow back it's all itchy and sometimes very painful.

    Especially after waxing when new hair are trying to break through the skin of my legs but they somehow can't and it simply hurts.

    I usually apply lots of body lotion to easy with all the itching and irritation. It also helps to soften the skin so it's not as painful.
    So it might help you too.


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  • I am not sure why but maybe it's because you are shaving and when it grows out its very hard and can hurt when your legs come into contact with anything like bedsheets. If you can handle the pain, it is better to wax your legs.

  • For me its really itchy on the second day