Why do we laugh at whipped men, but respect strong women in relationships?

I personally think that men suffer the most at the hands of double standards in relationships...

Men simply can't be men any more.

If a men is seen as dominant whereas the women is submissive, it's seen as sexism and tyranical.

When it's the other way though, the woman is praised and the man is laughed at for being weak.

Of course nothing is being done about it.


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  • Well, I'm more the submissive type so I'd rather a more dominant man. Also, there's a difference between being whipped as in you are a pushover and being whipped as in you have respect for your girlfriend and want to please her, but aren't just doing whatever she wants without your own opinion. It's stupid to be ridiculed for your actions towards your girlfriend, but that's the world we live in unfortunately. Double standards suck, for both parties, but we just gotta keep not caring and doing what we do.


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  • Being a 'strong' woman, or not 100% dependent on the man, is exclusive from the man beign whipped.

    A good, healthy relationship actually consists of both parties being able to function on their own, but choose to stay together for the support and motivation. So both individuals being 'strong' yet coming back to each other.

    Whipped men are the result of them being naturally more submissive and not so confident, then getting with a woman who is manipulative and not with the best intentions. I wouldn't call all women who get their man whipper to be 'strong' at all. More like a bit twisted.

  • Women like "whipped" guys. It's usually guys saying "what a pussy" seeing men treat their partners more than a fleshlight-maid combo.

    And everyone has double standards. It's not just guys.
    Women who have many partners are considered by many guys to be "tainted" or of "less value", less "relationship material", while guys with multiple partners doesn't have much affect. Unless the girl is a virgin herself and wants to lose it to another virgin, women are more accepting of men with multiple partners than women.

    And being seen as "weak"="feminine" is offensive in itself.
    You forget that many guys steer away from the "independent" types, which is really strange. Because then on the same breath they complain about having to pay for everything or the fear of having a gold digger. Shit makes no sense.

  • I am perfectly fine being the woman in the relationship and letting mt husband be the man. And I agree that it can be a little ridiculous.

    • I'd really love to be the man too. I'm not in a relationship at the moment, but I'd love to be centred.

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  • It's mostly oversensitive feminists, effeminate men and SJW types that are offended by dominant men/submissive women, who cares what they think? There's nothing to do about it other than to ignore them.

  • The only people who laugh at whipped men are insecure guys.

    • What makes you say those guys are insecure? I just think it's pathetic.

  • "I personally think that men suffer the most at the hands of double standards in relationships"

    Very true, but not just in relationships. I agree with everything you wrote here though.