A little conception confusement?

So today i sent some vocals to my friend, who never even cared to listen to my music. So i sent it and he first said;its bad. So i went in defence, and said that shit is dope and even gave someone+my parents goosebumps. Than he said ow its yours, i thought it was from Drake. I than asked what the difference was, he said for his standards it bad, for yours its good. I than replied to say im only 20yrs old and that those vocals are far from drake his style. So im confused, cause i know those vocals are dope. I have some pretty straight forward friends and parents, whod tell me if somethings terrible. That time they didn't, they were amazed. I know i can't please everyone. But what does he mean, that it was just generally bad/didnt feel it. Cause the comparison with drake is odd. Cause the first time i even let my family hear my music (parents and sister and theyre up to date) they thought it was Kanye West or Travis Scott, which is more reasonable. Im not fishing for compliments, cause i know no one has the same tastes, but i know his since im literally his music plug. And the comparison confuses me, so one more time; If it was Drake it wouldve been bad, but for your knowledge its pretty good.


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  • Then it's pretty good

    • Lmao this is old 😂😂 but yeah turned out it was dope

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