Is the game developer a sadist or I'm a masochist myself because I'm a perfectionist gamer?

"But on the other hand, game creator destroyed this game by himself, thanks to the extremely low drop rate of MANY Armors/Weapons within the game. For example, I had to beat up a certain monster 461 times in total to make it drop this item. Not to mention there is another certain monster that I've fought against it almost 700 times in total, and still i didn't manage to make it drop this item. On average I have to fight against each monster 300 times or so, to make it drop a certain item, which is ridiculously tiring.

And funny thing is those armors/weapons aren't anything special most of them. They are just mediocre compared with other armors/weapons you can get later in the game. "

^That's how story goes... I feel disgusted... I should also add... I'm a perfectionist myself... which means if I start a game I want to finish it and not only just finish it... but finish it 100%... otherwise I'll feel disappointed... and when it comes to RPG games... i want to collect EVERYTHING there even if it's a useless piece of junk...

Also I'm an anti-cheater as well... I consider cheating in video-games immoral... but I admit I've cheated sometimes as well, out of frustration... of course i felt guilty afterwards everytime it happened...

Anyway... I didn't mention it in the review of mine above... but this game developer is a sadist... i'd not mention it since they'd not approve my review...

But fuck... you create a nice game... and you destroy it that way? I even felt asleep out of boredom a few times when I was chasing those useless armors and weapons... and I also got a headache thanks to it..

Although I wonder... is he really a sadist who likes to torture everyone who's going to play his RPG... or I'm a masochist because of my perfectionist nature?

I really feel guilty I started this game and now i want to finish it... there is no turning back...

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  • I don't think you used the correct terms. Correct me if I'm wrong. :/
    Masochist: A person who gains (sexual) gratification from their own suffering.
    Sadist: Basically a masochist but instead enjoy inflicting pain/humiliation on others.
    You're not a masochist because you don't like to spend all that time fighting off the enemies.

    And as for the game requiring so much time, I think it's better that way because if it was super easy, you wouldn't appreciate it as much. But once you accomplish whatever you were trying to do, you feel you're on top of the world.

    • still i don't wanna spend ma entire lifetime for it...

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    • to give u a picture... i do it as a chore... it's not pleasant to beat da same monster hundrends of times... it gets VERY VERY repeatitive... i just do it in order to drop some unique armor/weapon... those armors/weapons cannot be found anywhere else in dis game... so... :(

    • Hmm, similar things happen to me while I play video games. Just try to stay motivated if you really want to beat it. Maybe you should take a break from it for a few days.

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  • I don't know what those words mean but they do it so the game is longer
    take world of Warcraft bosses and mounts as an example
    Fucking blizzard

    • it's a self made RPG...

    • well then he's just a dickhead or if it's on steam to bypass the 2 hour refund time of its short

  • Is this game one-player?

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