Working Woes and coping with rubbish?

I'm upset about work. I'm at a new temp job, and after a week, temp boss went off sick and possibly will not return. I've questioned my purpose from the day I started at the job. Got the position since the temp boss wanted support and was seeking support with 'little jobs.' I was working at another place which was part time however it was quite far and it was affecting my family life. Took on this other job which was close to home as a temp paying option. I wish it was as smooth as hoped however I'm dealing with dodgy managers who did not pay me weekly for the last 3 weeks. I spoke up and their initial response was to act as if nothing was wrong. Eventually got others involved and THEN got paid. I seriously want to leave this place once I get another position. It is not an honorable position. How to cope in the meantime?


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  • I had the exact same problem. It ended up so bad I left before I even got another job.
    I don't know how you can cope in the meantime, other than staying strong and applying for as many jobs as possible as often as possible. Even do it while you're at work.
    Sorry you're going through this.

    • Thanks for sharing that you've been there. I want to be in a permanent position but it seems like Russian roulette. I am not expecting perfection with a pretty decent job with all round decent people. I do not expect everyone to be charming nor to have an easy workload. I just wish for more balanced individuals and a job which allows me to work as a team player.
      I worked in a horrid workplace for a good 9 months and I left it physically and emotionally drained. Those there were nasty characters- this included the boss down to longterm colleagues. Some nice people there however you could not trust anyone. Boss would tear me down along with colleagues if let's say I did something nice for myself or did something helpful to a client. I was not alone in experiencing these offences. I was very relieved to leave and so were those who left after me and those before me. It was a 'sick environment

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