Has anyone ever gotten back with an ex who use to have an addiction?

Do you or someone you know gotten back with an ex after they had an addiction to drugs? Did it work out? Did you learn to trust them again? Or did they go back to their old ways?

  • yes! it ended up working out he or she has improved so much!
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  • hell no! they started using again
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  • I don't know yet we're giving it a try now, so far so good
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  • I should have never gave them another chance
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  • In this case you probably actually need to be thinking of their welfare and not yours. If they have been clean for less than a year then it definitely isn't a good idea because of things don't workout they could relapse. That's a lot of responsibility to take on your shoulders. Also they need to figure out how to manage life's ups and downs without you there as a crutch.

    I had an ex go to rehab and he asked his Mom to ask me to come visit him. While I wanted to support him after giving it some thought I just knew it wasn't a good idea to give him false hope or be distracted from his recovery. You don't want to run the risk of his efforts to get clean becoming about you. This was years ago, he's still clean and has a child. I'm happy with my decision.

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