Americans: Have you ever felt like your TV shows are too dramatic?

I have lived in the US for some time and one thing that has always bewildered me a bit was the way American TV shows are made. Whether it's enterainment shows or even news shows, everything always felt extreeemly over-dramatic and rather hectic. For example I've been watching a bit of Gordon Ramsey's kitchen nightmares on youtube and man, I can hardly watch this show because it's so freaking melodramatic. There's no single episode where not at least one person is screaming and fighting or at least crying. Also, there's constantly some extra-dramatic music used to underline everything, even if Gordon is just driving in his car to the restaurant and explaining where he's going. Also, there is soooo much repetition. Although I like the show, it's so annoying to hear the speaker from the off telling me for the gazillonth time how the owner of this restaurant fucked up his restaurant business and how he has a totally disfunctional relationship with his family. I always wanna yell at the screen "okay, okay I GET it. I've heard this 500 times now. Please, give me some actual content!" They also always take all of the most dramatic scenes and use them to give you a summary in the first 5 minutes of every episode which is basically a total spoiler. Now, the kitchen nightmares is just a random example. I've seen other American TV shows that were just as dramatic.
But even when I compare the news shows here in continental Europe with those in the US, I can't help but find the American ones very irritating. Not only are they over-dramatic, they also tend to be very hectic. For example: many American news shows have more than one host telling you the nearekkkws. Also, you can usually see people in the background walking around and working on their computers etc.. I know this is meant to give you the impression that everything is super up-to-date but I find it rather irritating because it's hard to focus on the actual content of what is being said. Also, in the individual news clips, there are usually red bars at the bottom of the picture where some text is flying through. When interviews are being held, you are often being shown some life-scenes while you only hear the interviewee's voice from the off. To me, as a European, all of this seems extremely stressy and hectic. I find it hard to concentrate on the actual news. Our shows are much more plain (both news and entertainment shows). As an example, this below is a typical German news show. It's very plain and calm.
Now here's my question: do you also feel like your shows are too dramatic and hectic or is it just normal for you? Do you like them the way they are?


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  • It's less melodramatic than what BBC is putting out I find. But I dislike reality tv for a lot of the same reasons you described. Not a fan.

    The thing is American culture is very busy and very fast. We have full schedules and rarely do one thing at a time. So for something to hold our attention we need want the information quickly in a multitude of ways. Plus, news stations have to compete with the internet news cycle. No small task.

  • It's not realistic to me. It use to be more real but they watered it down over the years


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  • American TV is pretty dire most of the time.