How to become inspired?

I have always dreamed of being an author and sharing my wild imagination with other people through literature (my imagination is very wild). I have so many ideas thought out and plans made. Characters, settings, actions, personalities, pretty much all planned out. But there is one thing that I lack. Inspiration. My entire life contains nothing but failure. I somehow manage to fuck everything up, and fail at everything I try. Every idea I come up with I put down with the idea of failure. I need a way to be inspired, to believe that I can actually do something. Another thing, I am generally quite stupid, which also brings me down, also causing a decrease in motivation. And before anyone recommends asking a friend for support, let me add that I currently have an extremely small amount of friends, due to the fact that I just moved, and my exreme social anxiety.


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  • You will not accomplish anything, if you give up trying just because you fail beforehand. You just try again. I use my blog to help me find direction, and it's been a wonderful tool for me, maybe you could try putting your ideas on a blog too? This is mine,


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