Would anything prevent you from stepping in?

Let's talk animal abuse! Why? Just 'cause.

Is it terrible? Yes, or maybe no. Maybe you hate animals and think they should all die.

Who knows!

Would you step in no matter what? Would you ignore it no matter what?

Let's say this abuse is happening in front of your face.

What would prevent you from getting involved?

Please enjoy my poll options and their random hypothetical explanitory situations :p

  • I wouldn't get involved in any case
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  • The species of animal being abused would prevent me from getting involved (dogs can never be abused but if they're doing it to a snake then who cares)
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  • The breed of animal being abused would prevent me (love me some Huskies but don't care what happens to the Retrievers)
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  • The gender of the person doing the abusing would prevent me (if a guy is being abusive then I'm gonna let him do his thing but if it's a girl then I'm gonna shut her down)
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  • The age of the person would prevent me (if they're old then obviously they know what they're doing)
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  • The language/accent of the person would prevent me (there's a communication barrier so obviously I won't be helpful anyway)
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  • I would get involved no matter what
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would generally get involved no matter what.

    That being said, I am MUCH more likely to get involved in a human being abused. Furthermore, people who HATED animal abuse but are MUCH less concerned about human suffering don't impress me. In fact they disturb me. People who claim they would rescue an endangered pet before a human in peril don't impress me. In fact they disturb me. People who flip their shit over Cecil the lion but don't give a shit that Robert Mugabe has presided over the rape and murder of humans in the same country don't impress me. They upset me.

    I believe cruelty against other humans is a problem we should spend more energy on, even though this cruelty is perpetrated by other humans. This is not to say that we should ignore cruelty to animals (though sometimes I differ with people about what cruelty is).

    Whereas I agree that cruelty to animals often fosters cruelty to people (one of the best reasons to end it, I think), being kind to animals doesn't so much foster kindness to humans. Hitler loved animals. Kit Carson loved animals. Both men murdered children.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The "ima stay out of it" attitude is abuse itself.

    This is a more extreme example, but I know a family (2 young kids two teens one single piece of shit mom), where the kids suffer severe neglect and occasional physical and mental abuse. Their own uncle says it isn't his business so he "stays out of it. " allowing abuse to continue *is* abuse. If you can stop it and you do not you are guilty.

    Best believe I've done everything in my power for those kids.

    That same family had two bone thin dogs that lived tied to a tree outside 365 days a year and the day I decided to call animal control was the same day another person reported it.

    I'm not gonna call authorities simply bc I think someone's mean to their animal or bc I don't agree with the way they care for it but I damn sure will if the animal is being neglected or harmed.

    Whereas some people wanna call ASPCA or whatever because some guy scolds his dog in a loud voice. That's just stupid and I've seen it too much


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What Guys Said 4

  • I tend to stay away from anything im not involved in... but in pet abuse... I've found out that (since im a cat person) i'd probably stay away from dog abuse, but i'd probably go ham on someone abusing a cat... why? you ask... because cats do their own thing, it means the abuse is the deliberate act of a psycho... cats are amazing... but they can be on their own... dogs are just clingy. I don't like abuse to anyone of any kind, but i admit.. im a bit biased.

  • Your question is difficult to answer because you have provided no context. As an example, PETA is currently suing a photographer on behalf of a "monkey" that took his own picture. In the minds of PETA (what minds?) the monkey is being abused because the photographer "stole" his copyright.

    Would I step in in that case? NO!

    If someone was beating a dog in front of me, would I step in? Yes, and I have.
    If someone was beating one of those giant spiders to death in front of me would I step in? No, because I WOULD BE THE ONE DOING IT!

    So - context is EVERYTHING!

    • PETA equated the slaughter of chickens to the Holocaust.

      Sadly, I am not surprised that PETA would step in with a lawsuit against a photographer taking a monkey's picture.

    • @Bluemax Actually, what happened was a photographer left his camera lying around and a monkey took his own picture. The photographer then sold the picture, claiming copyright.

      The truth is that copyright does not apply in this case at all, but the photographer is trying to claim copyright anyway.

      Then PETA stepped in on behalf of the monkey to claim copyright. It's their back-door way of trying to get monkeys accepted as having human rights.

  • Almost certainly A in all cases... I wouldn't be interested in being involved in any form of animal abuse. Same is true for any other criminal act!

  • This looks like logical reasoning question during aptitude tests.


What Girls Said 2

  • When I was in elementary, there were a couple of college students living in the same apartments as me. They were known for drinking and doing weed. They would abuse their dog who was named Fiona. She was a really big dog and it was pretty sad seeing them push her repeatedly in the pool even though she would cry and get out, only to be pushed back in by another guy. They eventually moved out and I think Fiona was taken away from them.

    • In this case, I was a pretty young girl and they were drunk/high all the time so I don't think I would have done anything about it. Nobody ever did anything because they didn't want to get involved.

  • nothing would stop me from stepping in unless I was being physically restrained.