Playing mild pranks on your house pet a form of animal cruelty?

Where do you draw the line between mild fun and games with a house pet, and animal cruelty?

I mean every prank is different to some degree (even when played on other humans). Sometimes they can be fun, harmless, and sometimes they can be rather mean.

I used to sneak up and surprise my dog when I was a kid. But I never considered it harmful, but I'm not so sure now.


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  • A "prank" would very rarely entertain or please a pet. Rescue pets especially will often be dealing with issues of security their entire lives, to varying extents, so they just don't need it, and they normally won't find it cute. Some very secure pets might like it sometimes.

    BUT. You can play with pets in a way that's always loving and exciting for them. For example many cats will do something they know they're not supposed to, just to get a reaction that makes them playfully run and hide. I see this all the time. They love it, their person loves it, and it's a funny, bonding thing. So that's cool. :)

    • Thanks man. Thought about your question last night when my oldest rescue kitty wanted to play "hide and go seek." :) Take care man.

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  • I think scaring a pet is probably not a good thing to do. Unless you're already stalking each other around the kitchen island or something.

    But tricking a pet? If the cat is playing with the string and you manage to sneak it away, the cat is still playing, and it's a good trick.

    I can see that line being hard to figure for some things in between, tho.

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