Do people generally not like other people going on their phone for no reason? Or do you have something you want to hide?

like say you knew your girlfirend trusted you 100%, and you get in to her phone. She gets annoyed, but you weren't going to do anything nasty with it, probably just take a couple selfies or just looking on her facebook. why do girls or people for that matter, get annoyed even though they're 'not hiding anything' as they say they are? Do you get annoyed when someone does this? For what reason?


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  • I don't like it because

    -I'm a private person
    -I don't want people posting a status to my FB
    -I might get a message that they'd read (I send weird stuff to friends lol)
    -I have nudes
    -I have personal things saved, like quotes and stuff

    Also, I just think it's rude and disrespectful and it would make me think you didn't trust me. It doesn't necessarily mean she has anything to hide. Is the a private person in most aspects?

    Just leave the phone alone haha :P That's how stupid little fights start

    • why do you keep nudes btw?

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    • Lol no it isn't rude. I just take them to see weight loss progress mostly. I usually keep them in a locked file just in case but not always right away haha

      That sounds weird but I know my female friends do the same thing so I don't think it's uncommon

    • oh, well fair enough :)

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  • yeah i get annoyed, because its my phone, this one creep in this club would go on everyones phone, he said i had "weird apps"


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  • Typically, people's phones are their own private devices. It's more of a privacy thing than trying to hide anything. I won't say that we never want to hide anything, but if there was someone I knew I didn't have to hide anything from, I wouldn't be comfortable with them going through my phone simply because it's personal.

    Everyone needs their own little secrets or just something that's theirs and only theirs to feel safe. If your girlfriend gets aggravated at you for going through her phone, it doesn't mean she's hiding something.

    • yeah well i know she didn't like it but I always let her on my phone. She found porn on their and I didn't care, she knew I watched that and I knew she was just having a laugh, I wanted to show her I had nothing to hide I guess. Thing is, I thought it was unfair of her to snatch my phone and go on it, so I snatch it back off her and she gets really mad and furious with me. she starts running away with it, but not in a flirty way, she was angry? Then I went after her and got it back, but she was mad. She probably knew why I took it off her and she didn't even bother to say sorry either.

    • If she takes your phone without consequence, then you should let her know that you feel you should be able to see hers. If she doesn't want you looking into her phone, don't. If you then want to restrict her access to your phone, then that's how it will be. Don't get mad at her though just because you're comfortable with something and she isn't. Just discuss the issue and find a way to make it more fair.

  • Man my phone sa open book but if you look in mine imma look in yours


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