Tips on septum care?

I'm planning on getting my septum pierced. Does anyone have any care tips? I've had facial percings before but never a septum.
Also don't tell me not to do it. I've had piercings before and n there isn't anything anyone can say that will make me not want to get a septum.


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  • Just plan on cleaning a lot of crusty blood out of there. Make sure you move it occasionally.

    Just stay clean. They heal nice and fast usually.

    • Thats good news. Any particular method of cleaning you'd recommend?

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    • Let the qtip soak in the solution or put the solution on the piercing and let it soak there?

    • Either I guess?
      You can hold the tip of your nose in if you really want to haha.

      But I've always found that dipping the qtip in, then putting in around the piercing site works best.

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  • wow! Thats pretty cool! I didn't know that about you? I have this hippie image of you now lol!

    • Lol. I'm not actually hippiesh I just like hippie music. Also just an fyi I've had 11 facial piercings

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    • I'm afraid of getting something that I think is awesome now and then in a few years I'll look at it and day "well shit! That was a terrible idea

    • haha! lol thats true!

  • I've had mine for six years now.. I guess all I cam tell you is to make sure you get. the crusties off before you try to move it or you'll be in pain. Hahaha also it smells. Like shit.


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