Someone anonymously on ask. fm asked who I dated? Why does he/she wanna know or care?

So I was on ask. fm when I received an anonymous question asking "Who have u dated". I answered saying "[Ex's Name]. Why do you ask?" And the anonymous person asked "does he go to [my school]?" So I said back "Um yeah... Who is this?" And he/she never asked anything else. Who could this person be? And why does he/she wanna know who I dated? It's none of their business.


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  • What did you expect of ASK. fm? Pretty self explanatory that people will ask random questions for whatever magical reason they find.

    • I'm just wondering why this person wants to know who I dated. People very rarely ask me questions on ask. fm

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    • Why would someone wanna spread trash about me? I'm a nice person and I trust all of my friends. Why would someone wanna do this to me? i don't think it was a friend since my friends know who he is obviously.

    • Yes and I have concluded in my previous comments that it's unlikely your close friends. Leaving only few options, a friend of a friend (unlikely) or someone unrelated from school that knows you. Why they do it? That is a mystery that I can't explain, I can only speculate that its to spread trash. It's impossible to figure anyone's motives really. I hope this helped, next time just be careful and don't openly share your personal life.

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