If one of your memories is altered or erased, are you still the same person?

if youve seen eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, somthing like that


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  • I think it depends on what the memory is--if it was something of importance and had a huge impact on shaping you, then... maybe it'd change you once that memory has been removed/altered. But if it's a simple memory like eating chocolate cake, then no (:

    • and you think that eating a chocolate cake is not a significant event? i mean, not in the long term, but in the short term if you ask him if he just ate a chocolate cake he would tell you he didn't, thats not the same answer an unaltered person would give you

    • Not really--unless the cake itself is symbolic, if it's just a normal cake, then taking that memory away won't do much to the person. It's not going to dramatically change his/her personality, etc...

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  • Yes you're the same person you just can't draw upon that memory/experience. Think of it as you are the person you were before you had that memory.