Is it childish if I have my ex blocked on social media, and her new boyfriend?

I just don't want to see her or him together because it will fucking kill


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  • No, it's not childish.


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  • I think so lol instead of feeling bad why not feel happy she found someone new and that you'll find someone new? You blocking the no the of them sends a very immature message to your ex and her boyfriend

    • yeah, I'm taking your advice, not going to hold a grudge against anyone. I unblocked him, but something's off. He changed his pp back to his original after literally a day ago he changed it to him and my ex together...

      Oh and by the way, I told my ex to block me instead because I found it upsetting whenever I saw her on Facebook, which was weeks ago

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    • Think that's too late now. She probably will find time to unblock me eventually anyway

    • Yeah you're right

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