Have you ever saw an animal that you thought looked sexy?

Not like I want to have sex with it kinda sexy but like just a sexy kinda vibe. Kinda like cute animals but ya'know... sexy.

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  • No (explain why sexiness is only for humans?)
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  • You're weird... (I know. I'm sorry)
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  • Sexy is the wrong word to use if it's not in a sexual nature. You're looking for "beautiful" or "majestic" animals.

    • No I'm looking for sexy. I can easily think of a majestic or beautiful animal.

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    • I am just saying it is a weird thing to say about an animal. For example let's say you see a cow. Then you say, "That is a sexy cow." Well it sounds like you want to fuck the cow. What else are we supposed to think when a persons say that?

    • Whatever. We're just gonna keep going back and forth. You think sexy means you have to want to fuck it and I think something can be sexy without having the desire to fuck it. It's just a difference of opinions and not a serious enough one for me to bother with trying to change it.

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  • No. Maybe someone in a sexy kitty Halloween costume. But never animal itself.

  • In many kids cartoons, I have seen sexual characters that are mostly animals. Like a cat for example. I remember in the lion king... that one awkward part where Simba and the female lion were messing around... I don't know.


What Guys Said 2

  • Ermm. What? 😂

  • I find a lot of big cats sexy.

    I can appreciate its natural beauty, Ya know.