List 3 positive and 3 negative traits about yourself based on either looks or personality?


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  • +Good public speaker
    +great career
    -sense of direction
    -can be an asshole to anyone rude


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  • #1 Respectful
    #2 Goofy
    #3 Hard-working

    #1 Picky
    #2 Clumsy
    #3 Chatterbox Yet Antisocial

    • Lol your negative traits describe me, so I dont think they're that negative haha

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Positives
    1. I'm knowledgable on a lot of subjects to an almost ridiculous extent.
    2. I'm a gentleman in attitude and manner.
    3. I can be very charming.

    1. I have social anxiety so I tend to be quiet to an extreme.
    2. I have a large nose combined with large pores.
    3. I don't fully understand emotions and boundaries of what can offend or upset people.

    • Quiet! No! Not Quiet! 😭😭😭

    • Unfortunately, i'm not always terrible... it varies from person to person I can just talk to some people easier.

  • Ooh fun one.
    Positives I'd say:
    1.) I'm ridiculously nice, like to a fault.
    2.) I'm pretty intelligent and love talking about intelligent things, I'm not a big fan of small talk. Talk to me about atoms, death, theology, philosophy etc.
    3.) I'm muscular (for a physical one)

    1.) I like "arguing." Although I consider it discussing, but apparently what I say doesn't always come across how I mean it.
    2.) I tend to be shy when I first meet people.
    3.) I'm kind of short (for a physical one)

    Good question!

    • Great traits! But I'd hate to debate with you lol. I hate losing

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    • Hmmm maybe one day lol

    • @Asker

      Lol ok I'll hold y'all to that XP

  • I'll do looks and personality separately, so hopefully you get more out of my answer...


    1. I have been told that i have nice eyes, its the compliment i recieve the most. I'm not sure if i should believe them--since most people just say "erm... you have nice eyes?" If they think someone is ugly. But i have bright blue eyes, and whether they are "attractive" or not, i personally like the way they look. Wouldn't have it any other way, cuz brown eyes are kinda boring to me.
    2. I have the ability to grow any kind of beard i want. It connects fully, it has a nice shape. It has a soft and smooth texture (because i take good care of it). I usually keep it at a light-medium stubble, but I'd be willing and capable of growing it out if need be.
    3. I have muscular arms. I do a lot of lifting, and i consider myself pretty strong. The rest of my body may not be quite as toned, but my arms are pretty damn muscular.

    1. I'm short. I'm 5'6 to be exact. I consider it to be my number one biggest flaw--mainly because its the only one i can't do ANYTHING about. It always comes back to haunt me. It always bites me in the ass. This single trait alone limits me to less than half of the female population (those shorter than me), and half of the remaining women (those willing to date someone my height). And that's before you factor in everything else--so needless to say, the odds aren't in my favor.
    2. I am slightly overweight. I have a BMI of 25 if you need to get an idea. Like i said, my arms are toned. I don't have much flab. I'm in excellent shape. I just have a little stubborn belly and thigh fat.
    3. I dont like my skin. Its somewhat pale, and it has somewhat of a reddish tinge. I've had acne since like 3rd or 4th grade, and although its not as bad, i still have some to this day. Because of these red blotches, and light skin, people sometimes say that i look ginger--even though I'm not.


    1. I'm a kind person. I'm not the kind of person who jumps through hoops to get in an extra good deed before the end of the day. I'm not Mr. Goody Two Shoes. I'm not "innocent" and I'm not "pure". But i do compliment people. I treat them well. I like to make them feel good about themselves. And i like to do nice things for them. I try to avoid putting people down in any way--even if its in a joking mannor. But then again... That's if i LIKE you. I guess you could call it selective kindness.

    • 2. I'm very physically affectionate. This one applies more to within a relationship specifically, rather than a broader trait. I love hugging, i love kissing. I'm overall more cuddly than the average guy. And I've found that this seems to be a valued trait to most women.
      3. I'm funny. I have a sarcastic (but not mean), and a sometimes dirty sense of humor. My jokes are well thought out, carefully worded, but yet i spew them out without having to think much. Pure improv. Another thing my friends seem to love is my ability to tell them with an unbelievably straight face. It always makes them laugh harder when i say "what's so funny" while acting as if i was completely serious.

      1. I guess this one depends on personal opinion, but i can be considered "clingy". I don't smother girls, but i believe that when in a relationship, your lives should entertwine. They should be a part of your every day life (one way or another). And you should spend more time

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    • Being short is okay :) but beards, nooo yucky lol

    • Like i said, i don't really ever grow it out. But some women are into that, so if i was ever asked, I'd do it.

  • Positives for personality
    •Caring about others mainly in need of help
    •I can be a real gentleman when it's called for, be obideant when it's called for, and can be goofy when it's called for with friends and family
    •I'm good at making people smile/laugh by things I do and my witty humor

    Negatives for personality
    •I hate to lose an argument and will stop at nothing to prove I'm right
    •I can be a pushover and sometimes let others take advantage of me because I don't have the heart to turn others down a lot
    •I can be a huge dick at times, mainly with guy friends

    Positives for looks
    •I have a pretty good body ratio. Wide shoulders/chest, smallish waist, medium/biggie waist then big toned thighs
    • I have a pretty nice v cut that goes from my lower sides right near (above) my waist that lead to my junk with a really nice ratio of my middle upper body that goes in at the waist, and goes out a lot at the thighs and the line doing the opposite, it just looks great to me
    •I feel like my face will become better as I see the potential in the coming years as it has been developing and my body has the potential to do so too

    Negatives on Looks
    •I'm about 5'6 and a half (I'm actually 15 and a half tbh) which is small
    •At the moment by chin is kinda receded a bit but hopefully it will come out more along with my jaw which would give me a good jawline as well
    •My cheekbones aren't that prominent and are kinda flat at the moment, and I hope they won't be for long

  • 1 I am awesome at conversations 2 I'm pretty honest 3 I'm very positive 1 I don't think I'm atractive 2 I can be too honest 3 I'm scared of being in a serious relationship

    • Why are you scared to date?

    • I'm not I've actually dated a lot I'm just scared to get strong feelings and get my heart broken 😢

  • positive:
    1. very nice
    2. reliable
    3. tolerant

    1. lazy
    2. social anxiety
    3. impatient

    I could list so many more here lol

    • I hate having anxiety as well

  • Looks:

    - Thick hair
    - Jawline
    - Blue eyes

    - Short height
    - Big forehead
    - Crooked teeth


    - Outgoing
    - Patient
    - Trustworthy

    - Grumpy
    - Shy
    - Lazy

    • Yea but crooked teeth can be fixed with braces

    • Yeah, might get them soon.

  • Negative:
    1. Too horny
    2. Too assertive sometimes
    3. Obsessive compulsive disorder -_-

    1. Super healthy
    2. very compassionate
    3. I have style ;)

    • What would've been funny is if you put "1. Too horny" on the top of both lists...

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    • Im OCD as well. But being "too horny" isn't too good

    • Oh really? what do you have OCD with? Yeah I that's why it's in the Negative list lol

  • Bad : pale, no patience, grey hair.
    Good: my character, my body, my education

  • Negatives!

    1. I'm cold.
    2. I don't show much emotion.
    3. I am not easy to socialize with.


    1. I am loyal.
    2. I am trustworthy.
    3. I think outside of the box.

    • Why you so cold though

    • I am on the surface because I find myself trying to be warm to people and I end up getting shut down or ignored, so I think to myself 'why bother?'

  • positives:

    extremely low confidence
    small penis
    poor and balding

  • Positive: considerate, empathetic, youthful appearance
    Negative: cynical, boring, lack of confidence


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  • Positive:
    - Kind and caring
    - Good sense of humor
    - Punctual

    - Impatient
    - Stubborn
    - Eat too much junk food

  • Positive:
    -I can be a real sweet heart when I want to
    -I have the best sarcastic comments
    -My eyes are pretty
    -I'm overweight
    -I'm incredibly self conscious
    -I can't express emotions so it all gets bottled up causing stress and more self confidence issues

    • Your eyes are pretty!! And I have confidence issues as well

    • Thank you, I love my eyes. And I'm sorry that you have to go through it, it really sucks.

  • Negative looks
    1. Chubby cheeks & big forehead & nose
    2. I don't like my smile
    3. Thinner hair than I'd like

    Positive looks
    1. People say I have nice eyes
    2. Pretty good body shape
    3. Decent skin

    Negative personality
    1. Get jealous easily
    2. A little emotional at times
    3. No will power

    Positive personality
    1. Good leader and teacher
    2. Quick learner
    3. Work incredibly hard and I don't quit.

    • I also get jealous easily. But if you dont like your forehead, you should try getting bangs :)

    • I'm too lazy for bangs lol. Plus with the thin hair I don't have extra to gve up for that lol

  • - I don't have a butt
    - I'm chunky
    - I'm socially awkward and a mega introvert

    - I have decent boobs
    - I have an hourglass figure, which is semi-noticeable under the chunk but not noticeable in that i don't dress for it
    - My social awkwardness has a habit of turning me into a funny person

  • Negatives
    1. Extremely self deprecating
    2. Mean and bitter
    3. I don't follow directions
    4. Small boobs
    5. Lazy
    6. Pessimistic and negative.

    1. I don't have any

  • Positive Physically
    1. Eyes
    2. Hair
    3. Legs
    Negative Physically
    1. I wish I were taller.
    2. I don't like my smile
    3. I have to wear glasses, which I hate.
    Positive Personality
    1. I'm easy to talk too
    2. I'm a sweet-heart
    3. I'm good at making toddlers laugh
    Negative Personality
    1. Known for occasional bitchiness
    2. Frequent sarcasm
    3. I can bereally absent minded

  • Negative:
    - I'm lazy
    - I'm an over-thinker
    - I'm sensitive

    - I always want to learn more
    - I'm always willing to help others
    - I'm patient

    • I can be lazy sometimes and I always overthink things

    • So, we have something in common.

  • Positive traits:
    I'm adventurous, very accepting, and outwardly optimistic.

    Negative traits:
    I'm super insecure, lazy, and have a hard time suppressing my temper.

  • Negative


  • positive
    -kind and genuinely care about people
    -quirky fun

    -talk too much
    -react badly sometimes/snappy
    -lazy when i need to be productive

  • +
    1. I have been told I look like from the '20's.
    2. I know a lot about science.
    3. I have a lot of life experience, so I can be understanding.

    1. I don't reveal much about myself or life to others.
    2. I can't be bothered relating to others on a significant level.
    3. I can appear to be unemotional.

  • Positive
    1. Trustworthy
    2. Spontaneous
    3. Kind

    1. Sometimes I can be grouchy
    2. Brutally honest
    3. I can be late

    • Yea brutally honest is often too honest

  • Positive:
    -Great Smile

    -Get attached to easily
    -I have some insecurities about my looks

  • Positive- nice christian and i listen to people
    Bad- im self conscious awkward wen i try to tlk to people and people always think i look really mean... i blame my eyebrows

  • positive
    1. The way i tell stories *apparently i should be a comedian*
    2. I look out for other people feeling before myself. * like if I'm hurt by something they did or said i would hide so they wouldn't feel any guilt or hurt.
    3. A non-rude blunt person.

    1. My insecurities/looks (like feeling worthless or like a bad person blah blah blah)
    2. No motivation
    3. How weak i feel (i don't mean physically)

  • Positives
    1. I'm a good listener and friends come to me for advice
    2. Respectful and polite to others
    3. Intelligent

    1. Procrastinator
    2. Stubborn about certain topics or things
    3. I need to be in control of a situation and sometimes it's not a good thing.

    • Im procrastinating right now lol

    • Story of my life lol! Also, adds undo stress bc I wait until the last minute to complete some things

  • positive:
    *"sweet" - that' what many people say about me anyways
    *naturally curled eye-lashes
    *i'm a good listener

    *no motivation
    *don't speak up for myself enough

  • Positive



    Self judgment

    • We all self-evaluate im sure

  • Nothing, I'm awesome 😎😎 XD

  • Positives:
    - Determined
    - Loyal
    - Hard-working
    - Lazybones
    - Shy

  • Positives:
    1. I can be nice.
    2. I'm honest with you.
    3. I like to be friends with everyone.

    1. I'm not very skinny.
    2. I can also be rude and ignorant, even though I don't like to be.
    3. I'm ugly.

    • Why ignorant?

    • I mean ignorant if someone ticks me off to a point. But I think a lot of people can be like that also.

  • Positive:
    1. Its impossible for me to hate anyone
    2. I don't judge
    3. I love everyone (but me) and would die for anyone

    1. My face
    2. I'm scared of almost everything
    3. I absolutely hate myself

    • Im pretty scared of everything too haha

  • wft ughh i just asked a question similar to this one and i didn't know this question was already asked booo hooo o well lolol,,,,, i guess a lot of us think alike

  • Positives
    1. I am very caring and love making new friends and talking with people!
    2. I excell at anything I put my mind to.
    3. I have to admit I have really pretty hair lol

    1. I am disorganized
    2. I suffer from depression
    3. I daydream way too much!

    • Im also a disorganized daydreamer

    • Me too