Why do pro black women swea' up and down black men don't support them?

Shits annoying as fuck. When we don't do shit, then we don't care about y'all. When we do, then we just doing it to benefit from something. I swea' its always the women who claim they pro black who be shitting on black men. y'all know damn well when y'all protesting and shit, we be right there with y'all mean asses 😒


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  • No. When a black woman is killed, you will hardly hear anything about it. Black men back up the killer by saying, "she had an attitude, didn't comply, etc.." but as soon as a black man is killed? Then we're all holding hands oooo wa wa w-ing around the streets. But after that, then it's back to saying we have attitudes, are ugly, etc... So, bye...

    Side Comment: Your user name 😂😂

  • Hahahahah what! Im so confused lol


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