Whats your favorite candy?

Kit Kats, Almond Joys, and Lollipops!
Mexican candy is really good too.


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  • Free candy is the best candy. In the nursing home, we don't get good candy, only hairy peppermints and dried cough syrup.

    But in my younger days, a lifetime away, I loved tolberone bars, ferrero rocher, lindt truffles, and reeses, oh and those butterfinger cups. wtf, those things are like cocaine.

    • LINDT TRUFFLES, YASSSS. Haha Reeses cups? πŸ˜‚
      oH MY God, ok, go to Lush, by a bath bomb, some lindt truffles, and take a warm bath with a bath bomb and balt salts and eat truffles with a face mask >:OO I tried it before and you haven't lived until you've taken a luxury bath with bonbons and truffles, granny.

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    • Thanks for mhg dearie

    • Welcome dear granny

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