Do you think it's reasonable to miss a week of school?

I messed up my toe on Friday and it still hurts. I didn't go to school on Monday and I honestly dont want to go to school tomorrow. The upper half of my toe nail is kind of detached from my skin. I bled a lot on Friday so there's still a lot of dried blood inside my nail. I keep getting this stingy feeling and it hurts to walk. There's fluid coming out of my toenail. I removed my nail polish to get a better look at the damage and it's pretty bad. The top and the corners are black and my whole toe nail is a completely different color than the rest. It's sort of a grayish white color. It really stings. It almost feels like no blood is pumping through. Sort of like you tied a rubber band around your finger really tightly and left it there for a couple hours. My toe is throbbing and it's pretty warm.
Do you think missing a week of school is justified? Im a senior in high school by the way. My family just told me to walk it off but i can't even get out of bed. I've tried and it's really painful. I can feel the nail lifting up. Any advice on how to help with the healing process?


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  • Yeah, go to the doc and have them take a look at it. They will most likely apply anesthetic to the area and then remove the toenail. you'll be able to walk within a day, and its much less painful then having it half on there.

    • My whole nail is attached but the top half is pushed more towards the front like it's detached. Im really hoping I can keep my toenail. Thank you for the advice:) really appreciate it.

    • My uncle had an ingrown toenail and it was removed, you hardly feel any pain he said :) i would suggest that route

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  • It is if you have a doctor's excuse, which you should have for that.

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