How can you be 'lesbian' AND 'asexual'?

This girl on my course who's a complete pinhead says that she's a 'lesbian' AND 'asexual'.

To be 'asexual' means you have no attraction for anyone, so how can you be both... aren't they mutually exclusive?

Why is she such a dumdum?


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  • Asexual means you don't like to have sex. She's probably romantically attracted to women and has no sexual attraction to anyone

    • I guess you could call her an asexual homoromantic

  • Asexual also means she has no interest in having sex. So yes, she can be both.

    • How can she be lesbian if she has no interest in sex or attraction?

      She can't be both.

      You couldn't be asexual and heterosexual, for example...

      How can you be lesbian if you have had no emotional or sexual/physical interaction or feelings with a girl?

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    • No it's not.

      It's being ATTRACTED and having SEX.

      This shit is so stupid...

    • No, it just means she's attracted to them, but doesn't want the sexual aspect. It's fine and she can be like that.

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  • This actually has to do with a common prejudice about homosexuals that many heterosexual people still hold unfortunately. It's kinda like when you ask straight guys about gay guys. The first thing that always pops into straight guys' minds is "fucking each other in the butt". Many straight people, especially guys, tend to forget that sexual orientation is about much more than just some sexual practices. Being gay doesn't just mean you like anal sex (in fact, a majority of gay guys doesn't like anal sex according to research). It also means you like to do all kind of nonsexual things like any other couple does... just that it's two guys (or girls) instead of a guy and a girl.
    So yes, being asexual and lesbian goes together. It means that this girl does not feel any sexual attraction to anyone but she falls in love with other women and likes to date women as partners. Asexual people fall in love just like any other person and their love is just as sincere and strong as the love of other people, the only difference is that they don't want to show their love through sex.

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