Is my dad a bigot against me?

I'm Jewish. I can't stand people who are anti-semitic (like ford was, disney was, and coco chanel, just to name a few famous anti-semitics) but anyway, my dad, who was raised roman catholic, absolutely hated the religion himself, and denounced it when he moved out of his parents and met my mom, who WAS jewish. she didn't really like judaism either, so she sort of denounced it when she met my dad and married. However, that's not to say they didn't want to raise me anti-religious, so, they gave me judaism since usually you take the religion of your mother, not your father and since she was originally Jewish, I became Jewish. I followed the religion and still do of course, up until I was 13 when I was Bar Mitzvahed (proudest day of my life, other than high school graduation) because I felt I had accomplished something, which I almost never do. Since then I haven't really taken it as seriously because after that it becomes more of a job than a following. If you want to go in to religious studies in Judaism you become confirmed at 18 and eventually go on to be a rabbi. I didn't want to, so I stopped going to Hebrew school. I still do high holidays that's really the only thing I do with it.

My dad, who is very outspoken, politically, knows that the war in the middle east, is about religion. Hell, even I know that. He's always saying "mass shootings in america is because of religion". Which it may as well be, unfortunately, but, I'm not Muslim (since most attacks are from the religion of the east), he made me Jewish. I just wonder if he's biggoted against all religions?

that's not to say they didn't want to raise me anti-religious.

grammatical error i just realized, it's a triple negative, it should read: thats not to say that they wanted to raise me anti-religious. I just needed to change didn't to wanted
Also, "biggoted" should be "bigoted". My bad on spelling


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    • Or it might be yourself, because I haven't done anything wrong :p

    • You avoided the question completely, you're a complete ass

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