"Guys" I need your help?

I have a crush on this guy he's from Lebanon I met him two weeks ago we met each other when he asked me to pick me up to the uni cz I didn't have the money to pay for taxi, so while I was with him in his car he asked me to go to the restaurant for lunch I told him I've exam and really I had exam on that day so he picked me and asked for my number, he started calling me asking about how I did in the exam we started talking every single hour he told me about his life in Lebanon and his ex-girlfriends he made me laugh and I was so happy talking to him he told me that I'm beautiful and nice girl and he won't give up on me till I love him I told him that I won't change my mind he said that he will try his best to win my heart, also he told me a bit about his family we kept talking every day like that till the mid night, so when I first visited him in his home he kept looking at me he was sooooo nice he tried to kiss me but I didn't want, then the day after he stopped talking to me for one day I asked him what's the problem he said that I'm good girl and he will love me to death but then what he said one of us will leave and then both of us hurted and why I told him he's my friend and if we continue what's the next step do I think one day we gonna get married and he's 28 he's old enough to be hurted I was crying it was my first time crying for a man, I stopped talking to him for a day then he called me and he miss me so much his voice was bad I felt so weak cz I miss him I couldn't stay an hour without talking to him so he asked me about everything and he felt bad and said he still don't know what can he do till now I knew that his family forcing him to marry someone that's all I know I went to his home yesterday it was a surprise he was happy and it was my first kiss he didn't want me to leave I stayed with him 5 hours and I left he sent me a message if I arrived home now I'm trying to call him and message him he's online on whatsapp but he didn't answer! Is that happend after kiss or something you know guys? Help I want to talk with him but I don't want to feel that I'm annoying, and sorry about my English.


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  • I am so confused. All I got from that was that he likes you, and you like him but you can't admit it. Please explain.

  • This guy just wants to get in yr pants
    U need to bail asap


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