Are ''you momma'' fights still common in middle and HS years?

Well I only a problem with this other girl that wouldn't stop (gave other people grief and was the type to gossip and at times break friendships) and at some point I had enough and was like ''Well your mother this and that''.

It then immediately she goes towards me and tells me to repeat it and I (not wanting to fight because I didn't want to end up getting suspended and having a record, which would ruin my chance to get into good colleges) was like ''Ok you know what, I got no time for this, get out of my face''.

She wouldn't, saying ''well I got time'' and I was like ''get the heck away from me now or I'm going to the report you to the principal''. A teacher saw this and she rightly got punished for starting it all. No one took her side.

The only disadvantage is ever since (all the way till my graduation), she thought I was scared of her. I wasn't. I just didn't want to get a suspension and get a record, much less for a petty fight. Literally, I could have actually punch her straight in the nose. She has no idea I'm actually a hidden good fighter but just like staying on low profile.

This was my freshman yr and in my former HS, they had zero tolerance for fights, that would be an immediate suspension and it going on your record.
Good grief, some people can be some immature and pathetic in HS too.


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  • Most schools, they don't take those kinds of responses seriously anymore. The high school down the road from where I work, they've graduated from "Yo Momma" jokes to outright nonstop sexual harassment of one another. Boys are constantly harangued to have sex with certain gals, a certain number of them, perform or receive rimjobs from said women, receive a certain number of blowjobs from XYZ number of gals, and perform a certain number of sex acts without protection - all to prove they aren't gay.

    If they don't have certain marks on their "scorecards," then they're assumed to be gay or closet gay, and are constantly hit up for gay favors. Virgin shaming is merciless there. That entire area by that school is a depraved subculture of rot, unfit for Sodom and Gomorrah. It's a miracle that any women there make it to 7th grade without getting pregnant; and gals who save themselves for marriage get really defensive about it even to those who aren't judging them.

    The kids at that school are also absolutely cruel to any students whom they suspect of having a conservative Christian upbringing, as in downright witchhunting and digging up dirt wherever they can find it. It's an obsession at Grand Ledge High.

    When these degenerates leave high school, they usually get jobs at Meijer or McDonald's - and then proceed to inflict this same abuse on everyone they meet in the workplace, arrogantly assuming no one will ever report them - or even false-reporting their victims just to protect themselves, because store staff is sloppy about investigating claims.

    While Grand Ledge is hopelessly sexually perverted, other high schools I know of are even worse. At Rogers High School in Grand Rapids, selling crack is quite common amongst students. The school used to be infamous for nose breaks and gunfights.

    And if idealists won't do drugs? Stab them with a syringe in the back when they aren't looking and inject them with the drug, making them addicts.

    Today's high schools are outright evil.

    • A guy from that school system that works in the back of the store with me even bragged one day about stalking my exes on Facebook just to dig up dirt on me from them. Bragged. When I was on the truck unloading and he thought I couldn't hear him. I wanted to knock his teeth out, except I'd be the one in jail if that happened.

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    • not worthy of getting into a fight with

    • I would think that when they begin stalking my exes to dig up dirt, that crosses some sort of line.

  • Yo momma's so fat, when she bends over we miss 2 days of sunlight


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