Why do people overcompensate after an argument?

Do you think it's cause they feel guilty or cause they just want things to go back to normal?


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  • Bit of both and anything really for a peaceful life


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  • Let's invent a random unit called "love points" (LP) and let's take an example of a couple or even a mother and her daughter. They love each other and that, for every second of the day (60 LP/hour).
    Within 2 hours in a day, there should be 120 LP exchanged between these two people.
    If a couple fights for half an hour that's a gain of 0 LP. So to compensate, the LP should be doubled for the other half hour, so 60 LP in half an hour which gives us 60 LP in one hour. Problem solved.

    TL;DR: it's because they feel guilty.

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