How long does it take you to reply to a text vs. an email?

Does it take you much longer replying on one medium vs. the other?

If so, what do you think are the reasons for doing so?

  • It takes me much longer replying to an email than a text
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  • About the same
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  • It takes me much longer replying to a text than an email
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How would you handle unresponsive text or emails from a friend or someone you recently met?


Most Helpful Guy

  • E-mails typically take longer to read, and can often go unnoticed among stacks of others not gone through yet. (Whoops!)

    • For those that go unnoticed, do you think you'll notice and reply to them if they re-sent the email or would it be the same result?

    • I don't know. All I know is my mailbox is always stuff and I don't even look through it too often.

Most Helpful Girl

  • For important emails I'll always respond immediately. Same counts for texts. So for me it's about the same.


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  • About the same!!!

  • It takes me much longer replying to an email than a text.

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