Why to be allowed to keep kik?

so im a 15 yr old guy amd I've been using kik for a while and it has been really helpfull. bun now my parents are wanting me to get rid of it. there's no way im going to do that so i need reasons why its safe for me to use it. i know its been updates so it should be 17+ but im rather mature for my age. way more than the average kids my age. i dont get anything bad to make it 17+. so i need things to persuade my parents to let me keep it. (i tried thinking but i just finished end of year tests and damn im tired)

please help me ;-;. i just need reasons to say im fine with it


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  • Why is it so essential you keep it and why are they so keen to have you get rid of it?

    • well i use it a lot and its incredibly helpful like im in a guitar group and they helped me when writing my song. also good for other things and for a fun chat. but the want it deleted cause i sent a pic of myself to someone i trust yet they dont think its fine

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  • If it is only allowed for 17+ you should respect the KiK guidelines and odn't use it... personally though I don't think using KiK is unsafe unless someone is extremely dumb

    • i got it while it was 12+ tho and i haven't had anything bad. anyway id say im about mature as a 16 yr old tho

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