Identity crisis anyone?

How do you come out of one? I have 1 semester left of my marketing bachelors degree.. I live in a student dorm.. I'm not so rich and where will I end up and when can I go? I'm scared.. I just had a exam and I don't know if it went great.. ifeel so average. I just landed a internship so that is good and I have a boyfriend.. my first boyfriend so I am grateful but he has a stable life and I don't so I get insecure. I guess we need to take one day at a time?

I hate growing up.


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  • We all were where u r once
    Relax, its not that hard to get out, u just need to work hard and take one day at a time plus don't compare yourself with anyone

    • I guess I also question if marketing was good.. My brother is almost a doctor and my mom is more proud of him so she is also someone who affects my mood

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    • My problem is i think, that i am smart etc but since i was a kid my mother always told me how stupid i was and how i never would be anything and no one would love me.. so i believed her. She never said those things to my brother. I think she projected her pain on towards me , she grew up with her mother abondoning her and she married young and a lot of things happened in her life.. i moved out 3 years ago and i have worked on myself.
      But here the other day she called me and out of nowhere began saying those things to me again and my motivation went away.. and since that day i have been down.

    • Message me and let's see if we can fix your head with a little dose of qna's and rapid idea exchanges

  • /endrant.



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