In 'Minions', why did they not answer a lot of the questions the target audience of the movie had?

I thought it was very amusing, but I am sure that many of the fans they were targeting with this movie also were asking the same questions that were simply never answered, such as:

1. Are the Minions immortal?
2. Do they have genders?
3. Do they reproduce?
4. How have they existed in their modern form since when the first creatures came on land with no evolution since?
5. Why do some have one eye while others have two?
6. Why do they all wear goggles?
7. What is the origin of their English/Spanish/Gibberish mixed language?

This is an intelligent, advanced audience and my one complaint was they could have given us more information about some of these pertinent questions many fans of the series have.

how do they reproduce* rather


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  • I don't believe the movie is to be taken so seriously. I think they wear goggles because originally in the first movie in Despicable Me, the Minions were workers, like engineers. As far as the eye and gibberish thing is concerned, that's just t make them more cute and loveable. :)


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  • I am their head, I am Biggest Minion and I shall answer em for you. One at time pls


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  • My first reaction to reading this
    Bruh it's a cartoon why are you thinking so hard 😂


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