Quinoa salad recipes?


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  • My favorite:

    Cook the quinoa and let it cool.
    Dice up some avocado (however much you like)
    Squeeze some lime juice and mix it in with the avocado (for flavor and to keep the avocado from turning brown any faster than it will on it's own)
    Chop up some green or red onion
    Remove the seeds and dice up some tomato and / or bell peppers
    Add corn if you like

    Mix it all up, add salt or pepper and lime juice to taste.

    Don't like an ingredient? skip it! Have other fruits or veggies that you want or need to use? Go for it!

    Great on it's own or scoop it up with tortilla chips if you like

    No exact measurements and you can adjust the ratios to your liking. I load it up with avocado and lime juice and don't skimp on the onion either :-)


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  • this has been for 3 days the top recommended question for me...

    I have no fucking clue... so GO AWAY -_-


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