Do you believe many people here have a fetish with feminism (and anti-feminism as well) and fat shaming/weight questions?

Live Feed goes like..

“Blah blah blah feminism?”

“Blah blah blah fat shaming?”

“Blah blah blah feminists?”

“Blah blah blah too fat?”

“Blah blah blah lose weight?”

1/3 questions here r feminism…. another 1/3 r weight related/fat shamin questions….. and EVERYTHING else belongs to da last 1/3….

Seems like it’s a fetish mostly…. cannot xplain their obsession otherwise….

(btw u know how many fucks I give about those 2 topics…. i don’t even open those questions…hahahaha….)

Seems like site's name should change... and it should be called "" from now on...

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  • Don't forget about butts and boobs, those are the 3 things that you hear the most in here.
    I've never thought about feminism as a fetish but there's a huge chance someone in the world gets turn on by feminism.

    • sure butts and boobs count... but everytime i see a question about feminism or weight... i just wanna puke... especially weight... like we care how much everyone weights here... does it matter if someone's 100 lbs or 1000 lbs? eh who cares?

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    • there r tons of other questions... don't see y someone should anser those for just 1 point...

      well personally i'd not answer those even if they gave 1000 points... i just feel disgusted...

    • Well, if I'm bored I don't mind answering them. But it is super annoying of course

Most Helpful Guy

  • "1/3 questions here r feminism"

    I just scrolled through the last 24 hours of questions and found a tiny handful related to feminism. Probably about 1% of all of the questions asked. Not quite 1/3, dude. So, what is your fetish?

    • Then y i see "feminism" most of times on ma live feed?

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    • also consider the opinions. you'll be reading about what's a nice thing to do for your girl on Valentine's day and suddenly some anti feminist guy will lecture you on how HE Should be getting Valentine's day gifts as well as her if things are supposed to be fair and all.

      i personally like the am i fat questions because it's usually hot girls in their underwear asking

    • @pavlove "i personally like the am i fat questions"


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  • I wish they would get rid of the anonymous feature, it's doing more harm to the quality of the content on the site than anything else.

    • How? u know some people r not comfortable by postin wid their names...

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    • keep in mind when anon u canot be blocked... ;)

    • I never mentioned anything about being blocked.

  • Yeah, man. I have a fetish for sticking feminists and fat people up my ass

    • hahahahhahhahahhhahh... dis comment made me crack up...

  • LOL you're so right! Some people here seem to be obsessed with feminism. They go on and on and on about how the evils of feminism have ruined the world. And all the weight questions - so boring, I just skip them.

  • You have what is known as selective reading.

    • Of course I don't even open such questions... but it's sad seein so many people being obsessed wid those topics...

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