I think I'm being harassed?

Though I'm not entirely sure. Is there anyone I can talk to so I can get some clarification on if I am or not?

Thank you!


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  • If u ask them to stop, and they dont... Then u are being harrassed

    • They are being awfully pushy -_- I just stink at standing up for myself I think.

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    • Np... lol... Its not me is it?

    • Not at all lol you're being very helpful and I'm sure if I was you would call me out on it lol

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  • you can always drop me a message to talk about it, but I have to go now so I would only answer tomorrow.

    so if you don't find anyone you can still message me, or I give you names of some ladies I think who could help you (if that's more comfortable for you)

    • Thank you very much for your offer! I feel like I would want to get this cleared up as soon as I can though :/ it's been kind of going on for a bit now and I'm at my end for tolerance :/ I'm sorry!

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