Would you? Is he?

There's this guy who pretty much makes eye contact with me a lot. I freak out and look away. Now I've been seeing him a lot lately and he's been walking with at least a girl every now and then. He always looks at me and I just look straight ahead because it's awkward. His friends would smile at me and just look at me but that was last year. Again, i freaked out and acted like I didn't noticed. Sorry i have social anxiety.
I don't know I've thought of going up to this guy but Im not sure if he's making it obvious that he's not interested or he's just trying to get my attention. I don't know i dont get guys...


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  • You look adorable why wouldn't he like you


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  • If he been doing this for 2 year he doesn't seem intersted! Maybe he just playing!

    • He did that like the last two weeks of school last year. I've never seen him until then. I just saw him recently and I've been seeing him a lot lately

    • Oh than take the chance and say Hi! He can't reject a convo at school! That would be weird!

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  • And we don't know either. Ask and find out.

    • Yeah if only it were that simple

    • That's what it comes down to though.

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