You walk into the office and you see one of your work colleagues with a gun?

You come to work one morning and everyone is acting as normal and you see one of your work colleagues casually getting a rifle out of his bag and proceeds to load it and cock it and then puts it back in his bag, he then sees you and says hi casually saying he is going shooting later.

What would you do?

  • Casually walk away and call police
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  • Tell him he needs to give you that gun
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  • Act as you normally do everyday as everyone else is
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  • Warn everyone to get out
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  • other
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  • That's pretty hypothetical. I'm not sure how I'd react. I'm not one of those people who freaks out because somebody has a gun, even at work. I guess it depends on who he is and what kind of vibes I got.

    I don't think anything of somebody having a gun or even taking it to work. But loading it inside the office is another matter. I might confront him and ask what the hell he was doing.

    I've been in offices where guys went shooting after work or during their lunch break. It wasn't an office, but when I did construction it was pretty common.


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  • Just remembered I have a doctor's appointment today. See ya!

  • Seems legit. There's probably some rule against bringing guns to the office though.

  • I woul have a fellow co worker distract him while I took the gun cause if the cops came u bet there would b a fire fight so take it hide it then call the cops

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