If you were a flower, what type would you be (I'm sure there are some more masculine types)?

TL;DR at the bottom.

So, I was watching an anime called "Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas", loosely Greek mythology based. Characters use a power to split atoms, drawing upon universes inside themselves, referenced as various separate and varying-in-size/power "cosmos". Interesting premise. Reminds me of the psuedo-/Einstein--as I had heard it referenced, but also read that Einstein never said anything like the--idea that every atom is a universe unto itself.

But, there's this character, Piscis Albafica, who uses poisonous roses and has an immunity to such poison by living among a field of red, poisonous roses: segregated from other people out of a fear that his poisonous blood would harm them. He's almost a personification of the poisonous red rose, often refered to as "beautiful" and also deadly. Which reminds me somewhat of Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, which I know some of you people in my generation should have grown up on.

So, it inspired this question. I wondered what kind of creative ideas people could come up with to relate themselves to flowers.


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  • I love tulips. Especially purple ones. I just went into Google and found this paragraph and thought it would be interesting to share..

    "Yellow tulips symbolizing cheerful thoughts, white conveying forgiveness and purple representing royalty - a Turkish legend may be responsible for the red tulip's symbolism. The story goes that a prince named Farhad was love struck by a maiden named Shirin. When Farhad learned that Shirin had been killed, he was so overcome with grief that he killed himself - riding his horse over the edge of a cliff. It's said that a scarlet tulip sprang up from each droplet of his blood, giving the red tulip the meaning "perfect love."


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  • A dandelion because then people would blow me yeah! Sorry that was a terrible joke.
    I would probaly be one of those flowers that looks poisonous but isn't. Because when I was younger a lot of people thought that I looked intimidating but in actuality I can't fight worth a damn

  • I would either be a venus fly trap, cuz i love meat..(the food)... Or the flower that looks like a female bee, cuz i also love dry humping...