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Have you ever thought about the fact that when we talk about gender/sex most people think about women?

Have you ever thought about the fact that when we talk about gender/sex most people think about women?

Right now im taking a bachelor in genderstudies, and when i tell people that they automaticlly assume its a feminist study who only talk about women issues. Its not by the way, men are alos a sex/gender


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  • Yes, men are a sex/gender as well, but we have not had a male equivalent to feminism shoved down our throats for decades. There is a very good reason people only think about women, and it is by feminist design.

    • Keep telling youself that. You know that the reason for this is the platonic tradition, aka it was made by a man?

    • Platonic tradition? Is that what they teach you in your "genderstudies"? Sure thing.

      By the way, Jager66 is 100% correct. But then as a woman you don't need to worry so much about having a lucrative career. I suppose that must be part of the whole platonic tradition thing too, right?

    • Never mind... No point in trying to explain something to a guy like you.

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  • It may be because women have own group preference and men have female group preference.

    "bachelor in genderstudies"

    Now that is what you call a poor decision.

    • read about Platon and Aristoteles and simone de beauvoir and you will get a better understanding.

      And thats your opinion

    • Simone de Beauvoir huh? the Nazi propagandist who also happens to be a Pedophile? Sorry but no thanks.

      How about instead of buying into the ideological ramblings of radicals time could be spent actually learning about humans as they are not as they are imagined through a crazy persons lense. Through an actual science that is open to criticism and debate, one that is self correcting like any proper science endeavors to be, unlike Gender Studies, lol...

      Yep, pretty sure we are not going to see eye to eye.

  • Never noticed but I'll look out for it now

    • well it comes from the platonic tradition where men were viewed as "human" and women were just gendered beigns basically.. i find it very interesting how much it effects us even today

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    • vell im transelating it direct from another language, so i wouldn't count on it being a 100% correct, haha but i hope you learn something anyway :)

    • Yes I have, even if it was not translated 100% its new to me anyway hehe

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