Is the best way to win over the love of the people in the middle east bombing them?

Is the best way to win over the people in the middle east to bomb them and if that doesn't work bomb them more? And if that doesn't work should we steal more of their resources, bomb more schools, Mosques, hospitals, roads and bridges? What is the best way to destroy their lives and make then love the Western world?

  • Kill their women and children
    Vote A
  • Destroy every building
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  • Steal every resource they have so they stay poor
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  • Incite violence towards every Muslim and say that they are all evil
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  • Put land mines in their playgrounds
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  • Pray to Jesus
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  • Vote for Trump
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  • You cannot win the love of people who have dedicated their lives to your destruction. There are many examples in history of people who believed otherwise.

    • Weird how they are all terrorists and yet we still live.

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    • Well thankfully you have a bit more free time and can fend off the rest for me.

    • Only because I have been forced to take a few sick days this week. I am usually a productive member of the proletariat.

  • I can't decide.. There no "all the above"

    • Damn I'm stupid!

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    • Exactly. And there will always be someone who thinks we should invite ISIS to sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya while their comrades are killing innocent people!

    • Almost the highjackers were from Saudi Arabia, we are stealing oil and destroying their countries still and in the perspective of time and countries 70 years is a drop in the bucket. Why people think that their lifetime is a long time is history I will never know. Learn from history or repeat it. You care about your perspective but go live there in the rubble and see.

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