I have been having a hard time eating?

What can I do or take to help me eat? I don't know y I'm having a hard time eating but I am! So what do you think I should eat to help me get my eating schedule back on track or what should I do or take to help me?


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  • It happened to me as a teenager... Would go days without eating cuz of no appitite... Just drink some milk, it easy to get down and has everything u need in it... U should force yourself to eat something if its been a while... Its unhealthy to go long periods without food

    • Yeah ik! Last time this happened I didn't eat for three days and I still want hunger so I decided I HAD to eat something!! Your idea with the milk is a good idea, thanks!! ☺

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    • I am 16!! And I didn't feel hungry at all for three days, then I started force feeding myself, which one I started reading again I couldn't eat nothing really solid, so I had a lot of jello, and iceies stuff! And I don't know y but it's hard to eat and I can only have very very little and then I have to stop eating

    • Thanks much! The milk is actually helping!! Thank you so much!

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  • Space Cake!!!

    • I don't even know what those are XD

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    • Parents ruin everything!!

      Do a load of exercise?

    • Haha I do exercise lol! I ride horses, do choirs, sometimes help with my uncles ranch which he has 33 horses, use to help out at my other uncles farm! I do a lot, which is probably y I only weigh 100 lbs