Good quote (read description)?

I'm sending my guy friend who I like, and I believe he likes me back but we can't be together because of age
I'm sending him a Merry Christmas text and at the end I want to attach a super short quote it don't have to be Christmas but I want it to make him smile. So just give me ideas please?


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  • "Feliz Navidad!"

    • Thanks. I guess.

      I'm saying Merry Christmas
      But at the bottom I want to attach a really short yet meaningful quote.

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    • I mean it can be either. I just want it to be meaningful. So throughout the year he can remember me by it. Yes I have him a gift. Yes he's a college student. So I see him at church soon.

    • Huh. I don't know.

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  • Just say wish him marry chrismas! make werid emoij!