How can I make my partner feel better?

Me and my boyfriend were watching a show on YouTube where two people survived a grizzly attack. Me and him were planning on going for a walk tomorrow now he doesn't want to go. He's afraid of running into a bear. We're in Ohio we don't really get bears around here. There hasn't been a bear here in Ohio for about 13 or 10 years. Once in a while people would see one but it's not very often. We live in the woods we have forests all around us. I never seen a bear out of the 10 years we lived here. My family said they seen one but I didn't get to see it. My aunt had one at her house but it's been over 12 years. Like I said it's not very often we see a bear. He's still scared to go outside. He's even scared to step out on the porch or even to get the mail. How can I help him get over it?


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  • you should ask her what she wants


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