Girls, approaching girls?

Im in highschool and most girls say im very cute and a good speaker. I dont have the most social friends and assets to introduce me or help me meet girls so I rely on my own social skills. However, I have difficulty approaching girls. I tried approaching a random girl last year and she ran away after I asked her for her name! I feel highschool girls are just too socially awkward/insecure to do this, but their are really hot girls I want to talk to but I get repressive. I am a junior and I dont want to wait till college parties to meet girls, any advice? How to meet girls and not scare them?


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  • Omgg that would be me. I literally do that all the time. Social anxiety sucks. Id Say maybe smile at her a couple times and make ete contact whenever u see her. Then, hopefully, she might not freak out.

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