Am I the best roomate ever?

I buy all the dish soap, hand soap, paper towels and toliet paper and I just came out of my own pocket to fix the broken dryer in our basement I also clean up after my roomates like if they leaves messes on the Counter or dishes in the sink


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  • It sounds like your roommates just suck, haha. I'd be annoyed having to clean up after them.

    • Well I don't they know how

    • They should probably learn. Basic life skill. It's not that hard.

    • Yeah they don't even shower

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  • No. I'm the best room mate ever. I share a bathroom with 3 guys and I'm the only one that ever cleans up after their nasty assessment worth a damn.

    FTR they claim to do it... but it's worse than half ass.


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  • Well, you're certainly generous.. but being the best roommate shouldn't mean you let him walk over you. Those expenses should be divided and you shouldn't have to clean up after him.

    • No its not walking on me I'm not their caretaker but I'm not gonna live in filth

    • When I say "walk over you" I mean more in the sense that you shouldn't have to do that for them.
      Speak up about what they need to do, they shouldn't want to live in filth either... if they that's not okay with them, once your lease is done find a new place to live with better roommates.

  • Best skivvy ever!

  • No the best roommate ever would give me massages