Guys Help me understand this guy?

Okay long story short, I have a guy friend who knows I like him, but he's a little older than me He is 19, and I am 16, so he's obviously not going to make a move right now, but we have hungout some just he and I, and we text sometimes, he is also really flirty and sweet to me. We have hugged many times and the hugs are always more than friends hugs. He has stayed single since I told him I like him and everythings there that seems he wants a future, he has told his mom all about me, she even thought I was his girlfriend at one point. He used to be my biblestudy teacher cause it was coed and he would always have me read wife parts while he did husband parts, and never let anyone else do them. Once or twice his brother has said "Hey his name are you husband material yet?" He glanced at his watch, looked at me and replied "No not yet". He recently got an instagram, but he will not allow me to follow it, I know he has a picture of a lake on there and he follows just old HS friends and church people. I know for a fact he is using his brothers account to stalk me because I have over heard them talking.



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