Is it a good idea to hire a private investigator (PI) for this issue?

I have a very close friend (we live in different states) whom I talk/keep in touch with over kik every day. The last I heard from him was Thursday (12/10) at 3am. I kiked him at 9am Thur and the text was read but he hasn't responded. I kiked him again at 4pm yesterday but the message has been delivered but not read.

The first thing that came to my mind was that he might've blocked me, although honestly, it doesn't make sense for him to suddenly do that because our text exchanges up to the last ones have all been pleasant. We were even joking around and laughing.

The last time I saw him in person was last weekend (Dec 4-5) when I flew to visit him for his birthday and spent the weekend together. Everything about that was amazing and we even said we'll talk over kik when I get back and see when we'll be able to meet up again.

I'm more leaning towards him being unavailable or super busy but as time passes by (it's been over 24 hours since I last heard from him), I'm getting increasingly concerned if he's alright (or even alive!). It's unusual for me to totally not hear from him suddenly for extended periods of times like that. Because of this, I'm considering hiring a PI to search for him so I know where he is, if he's alright/alive and other means of contacting him.

Do you think this is a good idea?
I'm in a very anxious state of mind right now and so my judgment is clouded :( Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated!

To add: The contact number I have for him (the same number he always uses to call me) is a Google Voice Subscriber number. I'm not sure how that works or if it even reaches his cell phone but I tried calling him this afternoon and it just ran and went to voicemail. I left him a voicemail message too but I'm not sure how Google Voice Subscriber number works or if he'd even get the voicemail message on his phone.


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  • thats a bit stalkerish dont you think? I think you shoukd just give him some space, perhaps he has his own issues to work on.

    • That did cross my mind but I'm just concerned that something might've happened to him because not hearing from him for extended period of time like this is very unusual.

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    • Yes, I'll wait.
      Thanks for your advice. Appreciate it!

    • No problem, I love trying to help. I hope he contacts you soon.

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  • 24 hours. Lol give it more time. I think you might be overreacting. The fact that he read your first message and didn't reply might mean he's busy. And the fact that he didn't read your recent message could mean so many different things. He obviously seems busy, and if he finds out you hired a PI for it will throw him off.
    I understand that you're upset and worried, honestly I would be too. But patience is the best. Don't invest so much time and energy in one person, you should not be in a very anxious state. Breathe. Its gonna be okay :)

    • Yes, I know what you mean and I'm waiting... have been and will a few more days, tho I hope I hear from him sooner than a few more days.
      Maybe I should also say that while I've referred to him as a very close friend in my question, we're actually sorta in some kinda "exclusive relationship" and like each other very much. However, because we haven't yet "officially" called each other bf/gf, I just referred to him as a very close friend.
      I added that just to give a clearer picture on why I'm in such an anxious state.

      Thank you for your input/advice. I appreciate it!

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  • I guess if you want.


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  • That sounds a little over the top. Just wait for a reply or try and contact someone he does see on a regular basis.

    • I've been waiting while also thinking of what I could do to find him so I know if he's alright (if it came to that).
      I don't know his family or friends.

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    • Huh? I dont understand your question.

    • No problem.
      I sincerely hope he's just unavailable/super busy and that he's fine too.